Horizon Blinds – Lowest prices

Horizon blinds combine Venetian blinds, blackout blinds, and filtering roller blinds within a double or triple-glazing unit. These blinds have a contemporary and attractive style perfectly suited to the newest generation of window frames. They are functional and pleasant structures. The lifting and orienting of Horizon blinds are possible thanks to their solo movement. These solutions come in the shape of shading sheets or pleated filtering, which is a sophisticated and creative approach that allows for minimal to no light transmission. This type of window treatment, available in real and imitation wood variations, offers several advantages that other materials do not.

Key Benefits Of Choosing Horizon Blinds

Choosing our horizon blinds has several benefits. The blinds are shielded from dirt, dust, and wear brought on by atmospheric agents by the double-glazed layers, which negates the need for maintenance. A source of health and vitality, light may be controlled with our Horizon blinds to provide the maximum brightness possible. However, they also protect privacy by either totally or partially blocking sunlight. We manufacture blackout horizon solutions for windows and sliding glass doors to block the light completely. 

Our technologies ensure thermal insulation while maintaining the utmost regard for the environment, reducing the energy required to heat or cool the structures. We use warm edge heat trays, which achieve maximum performance since they are constructed of insulating material in terms of energy efficiency. Another benefit of our double-glazed horizon blinds is their ease of management. It can be accomplished using sophisticated controllers operating the blinds individually or simultaneously or home automation systems. Last but not least, the range of slat and sheet sizes and colours guarantees that the finished product is customised to the demands and desires of the customer.

Why Choose Horizon Blinds From Office Carpets Dubai ?

A cutting-edge start-up, Office Carpets Dubai focuses on creating high-tech furnishings accessories like double-glazed blinds and LCDs that let users control natural light. Our horizon blinds are a source of energy, wellness, and privacy, all while maintaining an elegant and contemporary aesthetic in any setting deemed practical, including offices, apartments, and public buildings. Our home automation systems or particular controllers can be trusted with the management of the installed products. We also have the battery-operated form of horizon blinds that don’t need an electrical system, making installation simple. 

Our minimal controller, attached to the glass using magnetic support, allows the movement of the blind with up/down buttons and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which lasts more than 12 months in standby mode. One single controller can manage an infinite amount of blinds, regardless of size. This system has high-precision electric movement managed by an innovative external control unit, which works with a 24V DC encoder motor. Our motorised horizon blinds can be operated using various control devices: from a simple wall switch to an RF remote control, right up to Smart management which allows the Venetian blinds to be controlled from any location. With MCU, even hundreds of blinds can work in synchronisation with a single button.

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